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Energy and Environment Protection

Global warming and climate change are an unavoidable global problem and a dangerous threat to many aspects of life and development on Earth. There is also a deep concern for humanity due to climate change, increased energy consumption, increased dependence on fossil fuel imports and their harmful environmental and economic impact.
As has been the case so far, the City of Zagreb strives to be the leader and focus its efforts to achieving the common EU goals and adhering to the EU policies and the 2050. energy-climate framework, on its way to a more energy efficient, low-carbon and more competitive market development, attracting new investments and providing a better life for its citizens.
The ambitious goal of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions by more than 40% by the year 2030, is only possible through an active inclusion and cooperation of numerous interest groups, economic subjects, educational and scientific institutions, non-governmental organizations and the citizens of as many ecologically conscious cities as possible.