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Strategic planning


City of Zagreb vision and development goals

The vision

City of Zagreb – An urban incubator of sustainable concepts, entrepreneurship, and new values.

How is the vision realised?

The vision of the City of Zagreb as an urban incubator is being realised by pushing borders in all fields of work and activity relevant for the City and by using the entrepreneurial approach — an approach that does not settle for the status quo, an approach that seeks new ideas in the creative process, and strives to create new values.


The vision is realised by synergetic activity of the following defined strategic goals:

  • 1st goal: A competitive economy
  • 2nd goal: Development of human resources
  • 3rd goal: Environmental protection and sustainable management of natural resources and energy
  • 4th goal: Improving urban quality and city functions
  • 5th goal: Improving the quality of life
  • 6th goal: Improving the development management system

City of Zagreb Development Strategy_summary