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Honorary citizenship of the city

Honorary citizenship of the City of Zagreb may be conferred on a person who is especially meritorious for promoting the values of a democratic society, historic events and traditions of the Croatian people, the status and reputation of the City of Zagreb, or its relations with other cities in the country and abroad, and for the development of the City or some of its particular duties, to a statesman or high-ranking official of another country, a member of an international or foreign organization, or its respective bodies, considered especially meritorious in respect of the City of Zagreb and the Republic of Croatia in promoting its sovereignty, independence and self-determination on the basis of generally-accepted principles of the modern world.

The City Assembly decides on the conferment of honorary citizenship of the City.


From 1990 (Republic of Croatia)

- Mother Teresa (1990)
- PhD Franjo Tuđman – president of the Republic of Croatia (1992)
- Margaret Thatcher - politician (1998)
- Dragutin Tadijanović - writer (2000)
- Janica Kostelić - skier (2005)
- Većeslav Holjevac - posthumous (2008)
- Edo Murtić - posthumous (2010)