City of Zagreb: Large enough to call it a metropolis and small enough for a pleasant life, our city has been living under the protection of the Sljeme slopes and in the calming presence of the river Sava valley with its clean, clear water for centuries.

Standards that meet the needs of city dwellers and, at the same time, are suitable for tourists and business partners alike, make Zagreb a central European oasis for everyone who wishes to live comfortably, invest wisely and for those who wish to discover its rich history and the many stories and experiences it offers.

The exceptional hospitality of the citizens and the rich culture and tourism it offers are the main reasons why the City of Zagreb was voted the best Christmas destination in Europe three years in a row. In addition to the wonderful Christmas experience, the magic of the City can be felt throughout the year in its green parks, lakes, wooded foothills of Medvednica Mountain, fountains and monuments, floral boulevards, its squares and streets and by discovering all of the City’s mysterious nooks that will conquer every heart.

The City of Zagreb is one of the most socially responsible cities in the Republic of Croatia. It provides security and a better standard of living to its citizens through numerous social policy measures and care of persons with disabilities, retirees, children, families and students, as well as by actively supporting social and humanitarian programmes and associations’ projects.

Zagreb is also the seat of the Croatian Parliamentthe President of the Republic of Croatia and the Government of the Republic of Croatia.